• Dubbing

    We are specialized in translation for dubbing. Voice-over and lip sync translations are all delivered ready to use in the studio. All scripts contain precise time codes, a character list with both original and translated names, and a line count for each character.

  • Games

    We have many years’ experience translating games and handling updates of games with a quick turnaround. Our TM’s include naming conventions for all major gaming platforms.

  • Books

    15 years of translating an ever increasing amount of brand licensing products has given us the know-how required to handle all fields of this market, from rhymed booklets to interactive iBooks.

  • Commercials

    We take pride in our ability to convey the spirit of a commercial, thus getting the message across the way it was intended.

  • Songs

    Translating songs is a skill that we have perfected, taking on and enjoying the creatively challenging task of capturing the emotions of the song, while still being true to the metrics.

  • What you don’t see

    Please contact us if you have an assignment that is not covered by the services mentioned above.

    We are very good at what we do.